Why do companies want to work with Dan Knowles?

Make sure your project flies – creates a buzz, gets heard above the noise, and is remembered.

The secret to a successful project is spotting the opportunities early,

knowing where to join the dots and taking action.

In a competitive and fast-paced world, it’s vital that the opportunities that come along for commercial and social growth and development are grabbed quickly before they disappear. As soon as a project with great potential has been identified, successful organisations, fast-growing start-ups and innovation centres must make sure there is someone who can lead the project, get it off the ground, build the right community for success and get the job done. If you are not ahead of the game, you can be sure someone else will be! 

Dan works to set a high bar and excellent results. Focusing on quick planning and kick-starting the project, staying agile and strategising as the project evolves, you can be sure he’ll be making sure things are done. Whether it’s building a digital community or building a community ice rink, unless there’s someone there with their eye on the ball, ready to take action, that golden opportunity can slip away in less than an hour.

Case Studies


Array Festival

10th May 2020

Fraser House

9th March 2020

Lancaster On Ice

10th January 2020