Every community needs a signature event. Array was designed to shine a spotlight on Lancaster’s digital, tech and innovation community.

In February 2020 I proposed a city wide digital, tech and innovation festival to take place across the city, shining a spotlight on our fantastic community.

Then Covid-19 struck. Undeterred, I decided that Lancaster’s first digital and tech festival would become Lancaster’s first virtual digital and tech festival, the whole event being online.


  • Event Organisation
  • Branding
  • Sponsorship


"Array Festival has been a huge success. The insight talks educational and the entrepreneur talks inspiring."

The Results

“The great thing about Array is that it was grassroots, and provided a voice for the whole community!”

Moving the digital community online, how did it work out?

Transferring the whole event wasn’t as straight forward as you might imagine but in the end the outputs where incredible nonetheless. Over 20 seminars, workshops, entrepreneur interviews and roundtable discussions were raised throughout May 2020.

Sponsorship was provided by Digital Lancashire to cover some basic costs. The event raised money for Connecting Kids, a charitable project on behalf of Lancaster University. Over 300 people attended the various seminars, producing over 5000 views via Facebook Live Streams. The whole event provided a platform to build on in future.


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