A digital and tech hub for fast growing start-ups and entrepreneurs in the centre of Lancaster.

In December 2019 I was contacted by Lancashire County Council to lead the business development of Fraser House at White Cross. Fraser House is the £1.7m development of the former Social Services offices to create a community hub for Lancaster’s digital and tech sector.

The scope of my role is to ensure that the property is tenanted with a community of start-up and growing businesses from Lancaster’s digital and tech scene. Initially, this involved guidance on the Fraser House brand, creation of a digital strategy and, importantly, engaging potential tenants to build a community.


  • Brand Identity
  • Tenant Acquisition
  • Community Building
  • Digital Strategy

Project Update

Story so far….

Despite delays owing to Covid-19, the Fraser House community of digital and tech enthusiasts is coming together. The ambition is to create a rich and diverse community that can help to support future start-up activity in Lancaster.

What’s to come?

As things stand, Fraser House is due to open in late 2020. We’re excited to bring together two key anchor tenants and a community of SMEs, sole traders and new start businesses.

“Dan has quickly grasped the nettle with this project and is building a community that will drive the city's economic performance.”

Maya EllisInnovation and Digital Lead, Lancashire County Council