The modern sales leader understands the importance of social selling and community building.

In 2015 I set off on a quest to teach as many sales people as possible the ‘Hidden Secrets of LinkedIn’. I’d used LinkedIn for business since 2007 and understood all of its intricacies.

The more I was asked about LinkedIn’s potential the more I discovered those in the business community had little knowledge of just how useful it could be.


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  • Social Selling
  • New product Development

Clients included

  • Yorkshire Bank
  • PA Consulting
  • Lancaster University

The Results

The Hidden Secrets of LinkedIn – Was a great course, Dan was a great host and his style and pace made it very easy to learn.!”

So who discovered LinkedIn’s Hidden secrets?

Over the course of three years I delivered The Hidden Secrets of LinkedIn to a wide variety of SME, public sector and corporate organisations across the whole of the North of England.

Clients included Yorkshire Bank, The Gordon Burns Partnership, PA Consulting, Dove Nest Group and many more. I found a particular niche in the education sector, working closely with management schools including Lancaster University, University College Birmingham and UCLan, as well as Lancaster and Morecambe College and Blackpool and The Fylde College.


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