My career has had anything but the usual trajectory.

Three redundancies in a decade, and three career changes, led me to realise the world is uncertain. From one day to the next, you never know what’s happening. You’ve got to be lean, you’ve got to be nimble.

One thing didn’t change: my ambition to deliver awesome projects.

I believe bringing people together to create communities drives modern business success. There’s a sweet spot between the private and public sector where this works beautifully.

I took my experience of marketing, small business support and sales into my consultancy. From that point I’ve delivered impactful standout projects for numerous clients:

  • A winter wonderland with over 250,000 visitors.
  • A brand new tech hub with a thriving innovation community.
  • A county-wide tech ecosystem.

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I’m obsessed with business growth for the benefit of communities.

I’m obsessed with innovation support in public sector, and getting it right.

I’m obsessed with using public funds in a lean and efficient manor to drive growth.

I’m obsessed with delivery as well as strategy.

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